About Tebogo

About Tebogo

In the heart of Virginia horse country, on 100 acres in the rolling green hills of Delaplane, Patricia and Dave Vos created Tebogo Sport Horses so that off track Thoroughbreds can find new careers. We work hard to discover what job every individual horse truly desires-whether that be eventing, showing, foxhunting or trail riding-so that we can match the perfect horse with the right owner. Our dedication to each horse’s best interest ensures that they will have a successful second life off the track.

When horses first come to Tebogo, they are given time to relax and re-learn how to just be horses in our large turnout fields at Simon’s View. When they are ready to start training, we begin by laying a solid flatwork and jumping foundation. In this process, we gain a better understanding of what each horse was truly meant to do. Our trainers do cross training with the horses – hunter/jumper shows, mini-trials and events, trail rides and foxhunts – all to help these former racehorses uncover their natural potential.

With trails running through the wooded areas of the property, turnout fields of at least 5 acres each, an airy, state-of-the-art 12 stall barn, a 250’ by 150’ sand outdoor and a 200’ by 100’ indoor arena, Tebogo provides our Thoroughbreds with the best possible environment for starting a new life.

Tebogo means “We are grateful” in Tswana. We chose this name because it embodies the mission of Tebogo Sport Horses. Since all our horses are off the track, they do strike us as grateful creatures, being given a second opportunity to figure out what they’re good at.

And like most equestrians, we feel fortunate to work with such beautiful animals.

About Patricia and Dave Vos

Founders and owners Patricia and Dave Vos started riding as adults near Boston, Massachusetts and then moved to the Middleburg, Virginia area in 2002 after being bitten by the eventing bug. Dave, who rides with Jennifer Simmons, events his horses Clifton Imperial and Tangle Top at the preliminary level. Patricia has evented but now focuses on dressage and foxhunting with the Warrenton Hunt. They also own several upper-level event horses competed by Jennifer Simmons.